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Having a recruitment strategy for high-volume hiring is essential to ensure you’re getting the best talent for your growing team. High-volume hiring is all about recruiting practices that let you fill a large number of positions over a specific time. Whether you’re looking to fill entry-level jobs or are sourcing talent for top executives, your hiring strategy will determine how seamless your entire recruiting process goes. Streamline the application process, optimize your recruiting tools , and prioritize interviewing to hire top talent.

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Understanding High Volume Hiring

While high volume hiring is for your recruiting team to hire many people over a certain amount of time, it’s important to know that successful recruitment can look like many things as you hire a candidate, or five. High volume hiring is just one methodology of effective recruiting, but if you want end-to-end seamless talent sourcing, it could be the perfect way to simply maximize your hiring efforts .

How is high volume hiring different from regular recruitment?

Regular recruitment focuses on hiring one employee to fill one position. Recruitment needs for sourcing candidates for one job usually require staff agencies and job ads for recruits in one specific niche where standard interviews are held and aptitude tests are given. Recruiters will post jobs on career sites and other online recruiting networks, setting a goal for how many job candidates they want to interview for the open position before recruiting and onboarding one person.

With high-volume hiring, you’re most likely running with a candidate management system to help you recruit by the masses, using distinct recruiting tactics that are data-driven and automated to support your searches through the talent pool . In order to recruit multiple people, your entire recruiting process needs to ensure quality candidates to fill multiple similar positions. Mass hiring makes the interview process especially effective for entry-level job openings that require many new employees.

What are the benefits of high-volume hiring?

Perhaps you’re a new or merging company that is seeking to onboard an entire workforce and wants to hire top talent as part of your acquisition strategy . High volume hiring allows you to screen and recruit candidates in a scalable way with measurable but efficient timing. Maybe you’re seeking to fill seasonal positions and you want to vet the best contingent workers.

With high-volume hiring, your recruitment strategy helps you limit the time and money it takes to go through the talent acquisition process and get your temporary team to work. If your organization’s workforce is in a high turnover environment as in the manufacturing industry, recruiting success can be improved by high volume hiring.

What are the challenges of high-volume hiring?

Maintaining relationship management when seeking high-volume hiring strategies can be challenging, as most of the process is automated and your recruiting strategies are based primarily on data and cloud-based information collected through online recruitment. Employer branding is important here, as you want to provide an enticing candidate experience during the recruiting, even when not connecting 1:1. Candidate management during a time crunch isn’t easy because recruitment-related tasks are much bigger than just asking interview questions to recruit staff. So, your recruitment strategy needs to be spot-on.

Strategies for High Volume Hiring Success

One of the most important reasons for having a hiring strategy behind your recruitment efforts is to maintain the equal opportunity for potential team members while also being able to recruit people you know will assist in your organization’s growth. High-volume hiring is more of a process than it is a result. Yes, the goal is for your recruiting team to hire many people with the right qualifications in little time, but without strategies and a system for recruitment , you might not get the results you need.

Automate your hiring process

Between applicant tracking systems and other recruitment software, you can take high-volume hiring to a whole new level when automating your process. Talent management software streamlines the whole operation for you, improving workflow and eliminating unnecessary paperwork and dozens of spreadsheets that take too much time and resources to sort through. Recruitment automation with high volume hiring lets you move through the hiring pipeline without having to intervene too much throughout your workday. artificial intelligence gives software-as-a-service a whole new meaning for you and your candidates, with chatbots, resume screening, and even email templates for messaging potential talent for a job offer.

Leverage the use of data

Recruitment metrics matter, especially with high-volume hiring where you need to get the most out of the recruitment process. There is always room for improvement, and leveraging data to see where you may need to assess your recruiting strategies. Many things can slow down your application process and reviewing your analytics can help you understand things like low acceptance rates of your offers, the diversity of your candidates, and where your recruits are coming from all with one click. You can find the weak spots in your recruiting practices and improve your pre-employment screening and implement recruiting solutions . Plus, you’ll optimize your ROI by ensuring top talent is the main priority of your hiring efforts.

Optimize your advertising content

When running an online recruitment system for high-volume hiring, content is key and innovative recruitment requires talent sourcing that accentuates your employer branding. Nowadays, social recruiting is becoming more popular, and posting jobs online is all about attracting the right people. Generating catchy ads and headlines with clear and concise job descriptions for posting on job boards like LinkedIn requires recruiting tactics that help you stand out. Whatever career site you ghost to use for job postings, quality candidates will fill up your vacancies more quickly when you’re focusing on what will draw people into your job advertisement.

Focus on candidate-driven recruitment

The recruiting industry is not just about organizations finding new employees, but also about finding the person-organization fit meaning helping professionals for hire to find the best team to work for, as well. If you want to be on that team, you’ve got to put the candidate first. Focus on things like mobile recruiting options, an easy application process, and an easy-to-navigate dashboard for job candidates are recruiting tips that will make your high-volume hiring more scalable to other recruitment trends. Incentivize potential employees with a productive candidate experience that highlights your organization’s assets and their potential involvement while being clear about your niche requirements.

Review past talent and returnship

Talent rediscovering is nothing new, but it does prove why automated systems come in handy. Returning to your applicant tracking system from recruitment periods. High volume hiring lets you open the doors for past applicants who may not have fit a specific role you were looking for prior or who did not originally accept your offers. Many recruiting agencies end up having passive candidates in their system who are not actively seeking work, slowing down the process. But if you’re using the right talent management software as part of your HR technology, you can go back to previous recruit talent in the workforce that might meet your recruitment needs this time around.

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