What tool to manage leave?

It is important for a company to know how to manage its staff. This obviously involves the management of leave and absence. Tools for this can not only save you time but also improve efficiency. But it is still necessary to know how to choose the right tool for your company.

A good leave management tool should allow you to manage leave and absence requests efficiently, without making your employees wait. It must also allow you to organize yourself according to this leave by making available a planning that lists all previously accepted leave and absences. It should make your job easier, especially when your company and workforce are growing. By using a leave management tool, you will no longer need to list everything in Excel spreadsheets: all information is saved and you can access a history to find all the leave requested by your employees. Finally, a good leave management tool is a tool that helps you and your employees on a daily basis: for example, you can avoid going back and forth between offices by automating and digitizing all requests, regardless of the type of leave: paid leave, maternity or paternity leave etc.

Choosing a good management tool for leave and absence is therefore essential for daily life in order to relieve you of all these administrative tasks.

PeopleSpheres’ HRIS, a tool for managing leave and absence

With PeopleSpheres, simplify the management of leave and absence in your company. Get real-time tracking of your employees and pending leave requests. An employee wants to request leave? He no longer needs to bother you: he can make his leave request online or via the mobile application.
It also facilitates HR processes. As soon as an employee makes a leave request, HR receives a notification. It can then validate or refuse the leave request with one click. Managers can also be informed and validate or refuse the leave request of a member of their team. Our leave and absence management module is therefore complete and allows you to improve your leave management by automating and digitizing all your procedures.