What tool to manage absences?

Managing absences becomes more complex as a company grows: you receive more and more requests for leave and absence. It is important to keep up with the requests and respond to them in a timely manner. Fortunately, absence management tools exist and can help you to save time on this repetitive and tedious task.

Absence management tools are useful to help you anticipate the absences of your employees and thus remain productive even with a reduced workforce. Analyze the reasons for these absences and ask yourself the right questions to improve your absence management: does absenteeism affect certain employees specifically? A category of employees? How often are these absences? Why are your employees absent? With all this data, you can implement various actions to reduce this absenteeism rate.

A good leave and absence management tool should automate your procedures to save you time.

PeopleSpheres’ HRIS, a tool for managing absences

PeopleSpheres allows you to manage the leave and absences of your employees better. It makes life easier for you and your employees. No need to go back and forth between offices, everything is digitized. Employees can send you their leave requests via our mobile app and track their progress.
Everything is simpler for you too! You are notified of each leave or absence request. You only have one click to validate or refuse the leave request. Assign rights to managers to create leave validation workflows and allow them to reject and validate absence requests from team members. The managers are absent? PeopleSpheres has thought of everything: our leave management module offers managers the opportunity to choose a replacement to validate or refuse requests when he is absent.
PeopleSpheres will simplify your leave and absence management. Get a real-time follow-up of the absences of all your employees in order to better anticipate absences.