What leave management software?

Leave management is organized differently for each company and can sometimes even be contentious. A bad distribution of leave can lead to dissatisfied employees and a high turnover rate. Employees may feel abandoned, unheard, and not understood if their initial requests for leave are always refused or their requests are not successful. For all these reasons, a leave management software can be very effective. It can help you to organize yourself easily, distribute leave fairly and save time.

Some companies use Excel spreadsheets to record the leave dates for all employees. We end up with extended Excel tables that sometimes get lost. Thanks to a leave management software, you no longer use spreadsheets and there is therefore less chance of making mistakes. A good leave management software must take into account all types of leave: maternity or paternity leave, unpaid leave, paid leave etc.

PeopleSpheres’ HRIS, software for managing leave

PeopleSpheres allows you to set up procedures for leave requests. Receive an automatic notification as soon as one of your employees makes a request for leave, and validate or refuse with one click. Add a comment or attachment and export the data to your payroll software or service.

You need worry no longer about regulations, the PeopleSpheres leave management module has been designed with respect to collective agreements and is constantly updated according to your legal requirements.