What compensation management software?

Compensation has a direct effect on your company since an employee who thinks that he is being compensated for his work, skills, progress or loyalty will be more efficient. Compensation is thus one of the important economic factors for a company. It impacts the morale, determination and productivity of employees. This is why it is so important to have the fairest and most equal compensation possible to retain your staff and influence behavior at work.

Choosing the right compensation software is essential. The chosen software must provide a global view of the company, with the actions, skills, progress and pay of each employee. However, it must also be possible to manage, modify, validate and justify employee compensation in a simple and fast way.

HR Software: PeopleSpheres’ HRIS

Compensation is a real motivator. PeopleSpheres has a module to manage employee pay that will make you more efficient in payroll management. Moreover, this will allow you to create real equality between employees in terms of pay. You can design complete compensation programs that will allow you to optimize your budget, reduce the use of manual processes and reward the most productive employees. PeopleSpheres will not only help you with payroll management but also with all HR tasks.

With a core HR, PeopleSpheres offers the possibility to manage all the HR administrative areas of your work (skills and CV management, HR reporting etc.). With PeopleSpheres, you can connect modules (leave, performance, expense reports) to the HRIS platform.


Optimize your HR management with PeopleSpheres!