How to manage employee absences?

Managing employee absences is an important and complex task for the proper functioning of a company. Analyzing the absenteeism rate makes it possible to act accordingly and to propose actions in order to avoid, for example, a burnout or a high turnover rate. To cope with these absences, it is possible to set up interviews after an absence, attendance bonuses, and counter-medical visits.

Saving time and increasing productivity on this task is possible thanks to an HRIS offering a special module for managing leave and absence. A good absence management software will allow you to automatically generate reports and statistics on dashboards in order to follow various indicators such as the absenteeism rate in your company.

Simplify your absence management procedures for your employees and managers, equip them with a tool that allows them to save time and manage their workforce better thanks to reactive absence management.

PeopleSpheres’ HRIS, a software to manage employee absences

With PeopleSpheres, receive a notification as soon as one of your employees applies for leave online. Accept or refuse this leave request with one click.

No need to re-enter all leave and absence data into your payroll software, you can directly export your data to save time and tackle more important HR tasks. Access the absence management module directly on your mobile with our PeopleSpheres app. Your employees can also access this application to view the leave they have requested, estimate their remaining leave balance, have access to the team planning of absences and make leave requests.

Automate all your processes with our software and avoid errors by limiting multiple entries.