How to improve the management of leave and absence?

Leave management may differ depending on the organization of the company and the number of employees. Many companies use Excel tables to record all employee leave and absence requests. This method can unfortunately waste time, especially if your business is growing. In this case, you need to focus more on your development goal than on human resources management.

Despite this growth, leave management must remain efficient and complete. It must take into account all types of leave: sick leave, maternity or paternity leave, leave without pay etc. and must be adapted to your structure. An HRIS can help you to be more responsive and faster in your leave management while remaining efficient. Automating leave and absence management can be the ideal solution for your business.

This automation will allow you to manage your employees’ requests for leave and absence more serenely. A simple and user-friendly interface will give you a more rigorous organization in your administrative tasks and avoid the repetitive tasks that can lead you to make mistakes. Improved leave and absence management will save you time and increase efficiency.

PeopleSpheres’ HRIS enables you to improve leave and absence management

Why use a management software for leave and absence? Leave and absence management software will enable you to automate your leave and absence management processes and, as a result, save time. Leave management is one of the most important human resources tasks and should not be neglected.

By using our leave and absence management module, you can easily handle leave and absence requests. Your employees can send you their requests for leave directly via the website or the application and with one click you can validate or refuse this request for leave. Moreover, thanks to a planning, you will have a summary of the leave and absence of all your employees which helps you to organize yourself accordingly.

Absences can sometimes be repetitive and linked to a lack of employee motivation. Through detailed reports and statistics, you can observe this lack of motivation and then put in place procedures or tools to deal with it. PeopleSpheres enables you to manage human resources efficiently thanks to this leave and absence module which will facilitate your administrative tasks.