Stop accumulating software, connect them to a unified solution

Consolidate all your data and software on a single platform

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3 different challenges, 1 adaptable solution

Connect HR systems from across the globe

I am a company that is growing internationally and wants to unify the software across all of my subsidiaries abroad. How do I do it?

Make technology integration the easiest part of an M&A

I am a company that is growing by acquisition and wants to integrate the software from  these companies in one place. How do I do it?


Upgrade my ageing HR systems without the hassle

I am looking to modernize my current HRIS by connecting my old software to new technologies for better employee experience. How do I do it?

A platform dedicated to customer satisfaction

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If you can imagine the HR platform of your dreams… We can assemble it for you

We’re revolutionizing how HR tech is done, be part of the change

Are your systems and data dispersed?

Connect all your HR apps and perform all your tasks on a single platform.

You can connect any systems (HR software, CRM, ERM etc.) over time to provide a single access point for your employees.

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The numbers speak for themselves

PeopleSpheres, the first composable application for HR

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More PeopleSpheres: A Mobile App

✓ Improve the employee experience across your entire workforce whether they are remote, on-site or abroad

✓ Facilitate access to business applications through a unified employee profile

✓ Simplify information sharing with HR (update banking info, request time-off, etc.)

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Discover how companies are winning with PeopleSpheres

From 40 systems to 1 common interface: Solving the puzzle with PeopleSpheres

With 6 different payroll systems, 4,500 employees, 28 entities, and 15 collective bargaining agreements, Vitamine T was in a real-life Tetris puzzle that prevented its teams from fully devoting themselves to their employees as they place them in new jobs.

Discover how Vitamine T was able to successfully “decode” their organization with PeopleSpheres.

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