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Smart BDESE: Generate your economic, social, and environmental reports in just a few clicks

Why get Smart BDESE via PeopleSpheres?

✓ A single point of contact for your tools (implementation, account manager, support, etc.)
✓ A single contract and invoice for all your tools.
✓ A single login interface with a single ID/password
✓ Assured maintenance on connectors
✓ Data centralization in one place / Single entry
✓ Application price identical to the price offered directly by the publisher, no surcharges

If you already have a Smart BDESE contract, you can purchase the Smart BDESE-PeopleSpheres connector and connect Smart BDESE to your other tools through PeopleSpheres.


Discover Smart BDESE’s transparent and attractive solution for generating economic, social, and environmental reports in just a few clicks. This user-friendly and intuitive platform even allows novice users to effortlessly create detailed reports in a few simple steps. By choosing Smart BDESE, you can be confident in the ease of use, accuracy, and reliability of your data.

The system enables you to collect, analyze, and present key information about your economic, social, and environmental performance, providing you with a comprehensive view of your company. Furthermore, the partnership with PeopleSpheres ensures seamless integration with your other HR systems and processes, allowing you to centralize your data and optimize your HR management while generating your reports.

In summary, choosing Smart BDESE means choosing simplicity, reliability, and integration while providing you with the essential tools to make informed decisions and propel your company towards a more sustainable future.


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Smart BDESE’s key features

  • Customizable KPIs
  • Creation, publication, and consultation of reports by employee representatives
  • Graphs for clear data visualization
  • Projections to anticipate future trends
  • Easy preparation of consultations
  • Data export for external use
  • User management for secure access
  • Support for companies with multiple locations
  • Document repository for storing and sharing relevant documents

What you get using Smart BDESE through PeopleSpheres

Simplified legal compliance

With Smart BDESE, you can create your BDESE in full compliance, perfectly adhering to current legislation. Over 220 legal metrics are automatically calculated from data imported in a simplified manner, whether using CSV files or DSN. This means your reports will meet legal requirements without the need for additional effort.

Time-saving benefits

Smart BDESE saves you valuable time with its automated features. No more manual report preparation; the 220 social metrics are automatically calculated, mandatory consultations are pre-configured, and legal rules are integrated by default into the application. Furthermore, the Lefebvre Dalloz teams ensure updates, and the use of AI allows for better data understanding through automatic feedback.

Advanced customization

With Smart BDESE, you have the flexibility to customize your reports according to your needs. Whether you want to create your own report or adapt legal reports to your company’s agreements. With the expertise of Lefebvre Dalloz, you can confidently present relevant and specific information that reflects the unique aspects of your organization.

Ease of use

With Smart BDESE’s user-friendly interface, using the application becomes effortless. You can easily import your data from CSV or DSN files and make adjustments directly within the application. Additionally, convenient options such as password security policies and customization of calculation modes to meet your needs ensure a smooth and pleasant user experience.

Adaptability and security

Smart BDESE is designed to seamlessly integrate with your organization’s structure, whether you have multiple locations or users. Our dedicated team provides personalized support in implementing BDESE, as well as in the annual update of your data, with the assistance of an HRIS payroll expert. As a SaaS solution, Smart BDESE offers precise user rights management and ensures GDPR compliance, guaranteeing the security of your data.

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