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Fleet Management

PeopleSpheres Add-ons

What is a PeopleSpheres Object (PSO)?

The PeopleSpheres Object is a new data repository. Our customers use PeopleSpheres to manage their employees, but they can also create new objects (sites, stores, vehicles, work accidents, document repository…).

If we take the example of the stores PSO: each store has a unique file to which the HR can link the employees who work there, as well as all the data related to this particular store. This makes it possible to have an optimized store database.


Custom Forms

With the form builder, you can create custom forms that allow you and your team to track all vehicles, their allocation and include custom fields to track the fleet data that matters most to your organization (accidents, mechanical incidents, technical visits, etc.).

This can also include attaching photos of the condition of the vehicles, providing additional information about drivers, etc.

Forms can be carefully constructed to reduce complexity and make them intuitive to use, even for occasional users.

Mobile application

The PeopleSpheres mobile app is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. It’s possible to manage your vehicles on the spot or on the road and to be informed in real time about the condition of your fleet (insurance renewal date, technical inspection etc.). Your employees who drive these vehicles can report any useful data directly via their application.

Fill out forms and upload photos directly from your device to keep your data up to date.

Document Generator

Generate regulatory reports & contracts within just a few clicks.


Monitor key vehicle management metrics, such as accident rates, vehicle immobilization, insurance and maintenance/repair costs, mileage, number and amount of fines, and more, using the reporting tool. Create reports and dashboards to help you better understand your vehicle usage and take steps to optimize management in the future.

Internal communication

With PeopleSpheres, you will be able to communicate in a targeted manner on eco-driving for example, by filtering by vehicle type, driver positions etc.

This extremely flexible PSO will be able to adapt to all your internal rules to ensure optimized fleet management at all times.

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