Supporting a Global Workforce in Manufacturing

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After several years of expanding its operations across Europe, Asia, and South America, a leading US manufacturing company recognized the need for an advanced HR solution. This need arose as they sought greater visibility into managing their growing global workforce. While their North American operations benefited from a centralized data system, their international branches operated independently, leaving a significant gap in workforce oversight.

The company’s Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) was tasked with finding a solution that was not only flexible and cost-effective but also capable of being customized to meet diverse employee needs across different regions. This strategic move was aimed at unifying their global HR practices while ensuring adaptability to local regulations and cultures, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency and employee satis

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The main predicament was finding a solution that was flexible enough to effectively manage global business processes while meeting country-specific requirements.

  • Gain visibility to data and reporting for each location
  • Ability to effectively manage global compensation across the organization
  • Visibility to manage entire contingent workforce in one place
  • Ability to customize system functionality to meet local needs
  • Reduce costs to stay competitive in a ruthless industry
  • Adhere to varying legal regulations (including GDPR compliance) across eight different countries
  • Find a solution that supports their six languages of operation but at the same time maintains local expertise for each location
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PeopleSpheres was selected to implement a composable platform where employees, managers and HR can access their tools and data from a unified, customizable interface.

  • Implemented a global platform by integrating existing systems which were each tailored to meet country-specific needs
  • Eliminated redundancies across existing tech stack
  • Consolidated data from multiple systems including compensation and contingent workforce data
  • Highly customizable permissions were configured to give access to the right data and tools to the right people
  • Deployed six different languages within the platform while keeping country-specific systems and functionality
  • Leveraged country-specific expertise to customize business processes and employee experiences in the platform

Actionable and Measurable Results

Saved IT costs by reducing the number of systems used to manage a global workforce and resources required to maintain HR systems.

Optimized labor costs thanks to increased visibility to contingent workforce and compensation data

Increased data security and achieved GDPR compliance by making data accessible on a secure platform

⚡ Reduced time spent on reporting and information sharing

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