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About Adopt :

Adopt is a retail chain bringing a unique concept across 4 categories including: perfume, face/body care, make-up and fashion. For more than 30 years, the number of stores as well as the number of employees have been growing consistently. To date, Adopt has more than 900 employees and 229 stores in France.

about adopt

Needs and Evaluation of Adopt



  • Eliminate multiple data entries into different tools and remove sources of error
  • Streamline processes to keep up with the steady growing number of stores and employees
  • Put an end to working on Excel and other time-consuming manual work
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks that have no added value for the HR team and managers
  • Improve the employer brand image and reduce employee dissatisfaction
  • Comply with extensive legal regulations regarding in-store time management


  • A modular HR platform that is configurable from A to Z and brings together all their data and systems
  • Provide a scalable solution that can be expanded/adapted over time based on their needs
  • Set up an HR platform that responds to legal, economic and social issues
  • Integrate digital tools to their HR platform (scheduling tool, recruitment tool, etc.) to save time and avoid administrative burden
  • Deliver a seamless and 100% digital employee journey

“This modular solution, that is configurable from A to Z, was the answer to all out problems.”

Xavier  Xavier JONQUILLE, IT ERP/Finance/HR Manager

PeopleSpheres freed up time for Adopt to focus on more important things: their people.


Actionable and Measurable Results

⚡ Optimized administrative processes

⚡ Freed up time to focus on people management with higher value-added initiatives (upskilling/reskilling, talent management, etc.)

⚡ Obtained a global HR management tool to eliminate the need for data re-entries into various tools

⚡ Got a time management tool that can alert employees & managers in the event of legal risk

⚡ Automated and streamlined HR processes: onboarding, offboarding, performance reviews, e-learning, etc.

⚡ Improved the employee experience by making the employee journey 100% digital and accessible on a single tool. For example, employees no longer need to print, sign, scan or send PTO requests by email.

Xavier JONQUILLE IT ERP/Finance/HR Manager

This HR application framework is a hybrid platform offering both an exhaustive Core HR and a marketplace of specialized solutions. With this option, we have a scalable solution, which can be expanded according to our needs.

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