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Vizion RH

Create your payroll strategy with the experts!

Why get the Vizion RH service via PeopleSpheres?

✓ A single point of contact for your tools and services (implementation, account manager, support, etc.)
✓ A single contract and invoice for all your tools and services
✓ Service price identical to the price offered directly by the service provider

The service

Vizion RH is a global service offering SMEs dedicated to payroll processing and human resources management. Our services include: software implementation, operations support, application and social monitoring, outsourcing of payroll production, compliance audits and drafting of specifications to optimize your personnel management and payroll.

Positioning itself as a true HR partner, Vizion RH brings you its expertise in processing your payroll, DSN social declarations and forward-looking job management. Their primary objective is to ensure that your payroll complies with labor law, social legislation and the provisions applicable within your company, while contributing to the development of your employees’ skills.

What you get when you buy Vizion RH through PeopleSpheres

Committed to a responsible HR policy, Vizion RH in collaboration with PeopleSpheres encourages close cooperation with your company’s human resources department, managers and administrative services to develop human resources and promote the professional development of each employee. This human-sized human resources department is your ally in social dialogue and optimizing personnel administration. PeopleSpheres lets you combine it with other complementary services or software, such as a payroll management solution.

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The methodology

Vizion RH’s experts in payroll and human resources management will support you throughout the entire chain of payroll-related needs: choosing the HRIS solution that’s right for you, drawing up specifications, project implementation, operating services in line with your internal organization and transition management.

By choosing SILAE’s payroll solution, the market leader in France, they guarantee optimal payroll management. This implementation method ensures the success of your project to set up a new payroll solution within your company or group of companies. The stages of functional requirements analysis, user testing and training, and a quality monitoring plan during the operational period guarantee the success of your project.


Since 2008, Vizion RH, a human resources service provider with a team of around twenty payroll experts, has been offering companies a high-quality, local service. They ensure not only payroll compliance, but also human resources development, optimization of labor relations and career management, with the aim of guaranteeing quality of working life and a harmonious social climate.