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Why get Cryptr through PeopleSpheres ?

✓ A single point of contact for all our partners (implementation, account manager, support center, etc.)
✓  Only 1 contract for your entire HR ecosystem
✓  One global invoice
✓ A single interface to access with a single username and password
 Guaranteed integration maintenance
✓ Price is identical to that which is offered directly from the partner; no additional cost

If you already have a contract with Cryptr, you can purchase our “Cryptr <> PeopleSpheres” connector and integrate Cryptr to your other tools through PeopleSpheres.


Authentication solutions allowing SaaS and websites to quickly offer the most suitable authentication method to their users. We enable our clients to outsource all or part of their authentication system to allow them to focus on higher value-added features. Fast implementation, flexible configuration, our support team available via Slack or video, as well as data stored in the European Union make Cryptr a true long-term partner.


Free Trial


Cryptr allows you to quickly offer various authentication methods to your users by adding just a few lines of code to your application:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication
  • Passwordless authentication using magic links
  • Username/password authentication
  • Directory synchronization with the SCIM protocol

Our solutions are 100% European, customizable, and you have access to a support team when you need it.


We allow PeopleSpheres partners to easily connect to the identity management system used by PeopleSpheres (Keycloak), as well as any other type of SSO solution.