PeopleSpheres Marketing Kit

PeopleSpheres provides you with resources to support and guide you throughout the sales process of our HR platform

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PeopleSpheres Assets

Communicate with your prospects with brochures and files that PeopleSpheres makes available to you

memo why invest in HR platform

Memo: "Why Invest in an HR Platform?"

product sheet HR platform

Product Sheet: HR Platform

HRIS mapping

HRIS Mapping

benchmark matrix

Benchmark Matrix

product sheet platform features

Product Sheet: Platform Features

PeopleSpheres Content

Promote relevant content to your prospects that can impact their decision-making

White Papers

White Paper Demystifying the Newest HR Tech: The HR Application Framework & Employee Experience Platform

Demystifying the Newest HR Tech: The HR Application Framework & Employee Experience Platform

performance management

5 tips for an effective performance management

tips to optimize hr decisions

5 tips to optimize and accelerate your HR decisions

how to manage efficiently career and mobility

5 tips to manage careers and mobility in your company

how to digitize your hr services

5 tips to digitize your HR service

saas hr software

5 tips for SMEs to choose the right HRIS as a SaaS

how to unify your hr software

5 tips to unify your HR solution

mobile workforce management white paper

Mobile Workforce Management: Current Challenges and Solutions

Employee Experience for Managing Efficient Workplaces

Employee Experience Technology for Managing Efficient Workplaces

Blog Articles

Employee experience platform

Employee Experience Platform: an asset for your company

best of breed

Best-Of-Breed vs All-In-One vs EXP : which solution for your HRIS?

hr application framework

Future HR Technology Trends: The HR Application Framework

hcm cloud solution

Already Have an HCM Cloud Solution? Here’s What’s Next for Digital HR

employee experience management

The Critical Role of Technology in Employee Experience Management

agile hr

Agile is the New HR: Applying Agile Principles to HR Tech

Email sequences / Phone scripts

Set up a proven communication method to engage prospects


PeopleSpheres branded visuals to support you in your prospecting journey

discover psps
memo platform

PeopleSpheres Videos

Discover the PeopleSpheres solution through videos

hris video

Build your own HRIS

Empower the new workforce with mobile connectivity

Empower the new workforce with mobile connectivity