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Sales and welfare


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500 employees

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Automate leave management.


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Opt for dematerialized pay stubs.

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Performance Management

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wonderbox case study


An interview with Aurélia Bourdoncle, HR Operations Manager for 8 years at Wonderbox. She explains how Wonderbox’s human resources worked before PeopleSpheres and how this tool has improved their HR management. Wonderbox was created in 2004 by a couple, James and Bertile. The core business is to create gift boxes and to sell activities and experiences online. To this day, they are 500 employees, they are settled in 12 countries and had a lot of external growth in recent years due to company takeovers in several countries : their latest acquisition is in Canada.


How did Wonderbox manage their administrative tasks and talent management before PeopleSpheres ?

Before switching to PeopleSpheres, they handled their administrative tasks by using mainly traditional methods. They used printed files to distribute pay sleeps and handle leave management which was very time-consuming for both human resources services and employees.

Talent management was also handled in a traditional way (using Excel and on printed files) which made employees’ training needs and monitoring extremely complicated to handle for employees.


What motivated Wonderbox to choose PeopleSpheres ?

In 2014, they decided to switch to PeopleSpheres in order to support their company growth and harmonize their various HR processes.

They switched from a traditional organization to a much more process-oriented organization. Thanks to PeopleSpheres, they are now able to globalize their HR processes and connect their own HR software together and on a single platform.


How has PeopleSpheres changed Wonderbox day-to-day work ?

It helped them to globalize their HR processes and they are now able to make precise monitoring of interviews campaigns, to analyze the needs of each employee and take their careers forward within the company. From an administrative management perspective, it has greatly simplified the administrative staff’s work because leave management and pay slips distribution is now automated. From a human resources management perspective, this allows HR professionals to have an overall vision for each employee, simultaneously on their professional experience and vocational training throughout their career within Wonderbox.



Aurélia Bourdoncle

“It’s necessary to subscribe to PeopleSpheres because it’s a powerful, practical tool which will support your company’s growth thanks to its various modules. Plus, you’ll be supported by a really powerful team in the implementation.”


What do their employees think ?

Their employees are very satisfied of PeopleSpheres, particularly in terms of usability and ease of use. They are also very happy to have a single interface to manage their different HR tools. On PeopleSpheres, they have access to their pay slips, their leave management, their annual interviews and their career.


What is their relation with the PeopleSpheres support team ?

The whole HR team is satisfied of the relation with PeopleSpheres support team. PeopleSpheres team is very reactive even when they have complex issues to solve. They are extremely patient and take time to listen their request.


What are Wonderbox favorite features ?

The HR Core: thanks to it, HR professionals don’t have to re-enter the same information in several tables and several hr softwares. It makes their daily missions way easier. The leave management tool has also greatly simplified their work: the employee is now more independent in its own leave management. Moreover, HR professionals now have a real monitoring tool :  this allows them to make reals reports about the employees’ needs and development plans for them.

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