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Sales and services


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410 employees

PeopleSpheres solution implemented at La Poste Mobile since 2016

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la poste


Interview with Marion Cazalàa, recruitment and HR development Manager at La Poste Mobile, who explains how PeopleSpheres has improved the HR management of her company. La Poste Mobile is a telecom operator. Since their creation in 2011, they are the fifth on the market. To this day, they have 410 employees, including 200 who are directly in contact with their customers within postal offices. La Poste Mobile sells internet and phone subscriptions at very competitive prices for the consumer. They benefit from 2 great shareholders : the SFR group, on which they lean in terms of technology and also their major shareholder which is La Poste Group.


How did La Poste Mobile manage its administrative tasks before PeopleSpheres ?

Before PeopleSpheres, they had an ATS to manage recruitment. Training and careers management was handled through reportings and employees’ files were not dematerialized. Regarding interviews and training, everything was done on paper.


What encouraged La Poste Mobile to choose PeopleSpheres ?

Due to their growth rythm, their business and their employees, it was necessary to find a solution which could accompany them. They were looking for a solution that was easy to handle both for the administrator and the users: very visual, simple, and intuitive. It was important for them to find a very complete solution because they wanted to develop several modules, let it be recruitment, training, career management, talents, and maybe one day all the HR administrative part.


How has PeopleSpheres changed La Poste Mobile daily work ?

They are entering in the third year of collaboration with the solution. The tool allowed them to improve employees’ monitoring. It allowed them to question themselves, to question their processes and to simplify them and also be more innovative.


Marion Cazalaà

“I can only advise PeopleSpheres for an SME which seeks to professionalize its HR approach quickly and desires to offer its employees a career management tool.”

la poste cae study

What do their employees think ?

Employees are satisfied with this solution and its ease of use. It enabled all the employees to have access to the same information level, let it be an itinerant employee or based at the headquarters. It also allowed employees to take care of their career thanks to a better HR monitoring. 


What is their relation with the PeopleSpheres support team ?

They have a close relationship with PeopleSpheres’ consultants who listen and answer all of their questions.


What are La Poste Mobile favorite features ?

The Reports function which allows them to consolidate all HR data and support managers in their team management and hr management.

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