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How to Master Recruitment

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A successful recruitment means hiring a person with the right skills and experience who will shine in the job, helping the person integrate in the company and promoting employee loyalty so the person wants to stay in the company in the long term. But the techniques for mastering recruitment take time to learn and hone. The recruiter needs to remain professional, communicate well, and inspire the candidate in front of him to want to work for his company.

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Have a successful human resources job interview

Your profile was selected and you have a job interview which is good news, but nothing is certain yet. You now need to convince the Human Resources Director that you’re the best person for the job based on your skills and abilities. Job interviews often cause candidates a lot of stress but doing research beforehand and being confident on the day will go a long way to helping you to have a successful interview. Discover our 5 tips for a successful human resources job interview.

Social media

Social networks have taken such an important place in our lives that recruiters are wise to search for candidates via social media as much as by traditional job ads. Facebook and Twitter are gaining in popularity and are starting to be used as much as sites designed for the purposes of recruitment like LinkedIn. The advantages of using such sites, like the fact they are cheap and a fast and effective means of finding the right candidates, should not be overlooked. 

Age restrictions and regulations for hiring new employees

Although strict rules govern the hiring of a minor, the regulations differ from state to state meaning that in some states the legal working age can be as young as 14 whereas in other states the legal working age age is 18. HR professionals should check their state’s specific regulations so as to stay within the boundaries of the law when taking on young recruits, especially as particularly young workers can be subject to strict rules regarding their working hours. Find out more about age restrictions and regulations for hiring new employees.

Don’t be overwhelmed by hiring and recruitment

 There are many ways to simplify your hiring and recruitment process such as using technology to target the right people, creating a recruitment strategy, identifying the critical roles needed and creating a profile for successful candidates. Automating your recruiting process helps you to prescreen candidates and simplify schedules with ease. Find out more about not being overwhelmed by hiring and recruitment.  

Make the perfect job description

Recruiting the perfect candidate takes time and effort and it is even harder when the company does not have a recruiting strategy in place and does not clearly define the job it is recruiting for. A proper job description filters out unsuitable candidates and helps the company to focus on finding the right candidate. Think about being creative with the job title, being concise with the job duties, listing only the most critical skills and letting the job description reflect the voice of the company. Discover our 5 tips to write the perfect job description

Terminating employees the right way

Not all recruitments are successful. Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to fire employees as well which is never easy, especially as improper handling can lead to unpleasant results, but there is a right way to terminate employees. The employer needs to make sure he has a valid reason for firing the person. Unlawful reasons include discrimination (based on age, sex, a medical condition etc.), retaliation for offending the boss and alien status. In other words, make sure your reasons are valid.