What software for managing skills?

It is highly recommended to manage the skills of your employees using a software or a skills management tool adapted to your company. Before creating a development plan, it is important to identify the skills of your employees to adapt your strategy and thus increase your company’s potential. This can be done through individual performance appraisals so as to listen to and understand your employees and their needs. Effective jobs and skills management depends on this identification of skills. This will enable your company to anticipate its human resource management and also to remain competitive in a constantly changing market.

A skills management software can enable you to analyze the skills in the company and to involve your employees in the company strategy. After a detailed analysis and a skills assessment, you will be able to put in place adapted solutions.

PeopleSpheres’ HRIS, a skills management software

PeopleSpheres provides you with a skills management module that allows you to quickly and easily identify your employees’ skills using customizable skill matrices. Then make an inventory of the skills in your company and anticipate changes in jobs and the market. Thanks to our skills management module, analyze the evolution prospects of your company and put in place actions consistent with the results provided. The skills acquired from your employees do not match those required for a position? Create an effective training plan so your employees acquire the right skills.