What is the dematerialization of pay stubs?

Payroll is an important task for the HR department and can be time consuming. Every month the HR department has to distribute pay stubs to all employees and deal with various complaints. Dematerializing pay stubs makes it possible to avoid the rather tedious task of putting them in envelopes and distributing them, so the HR department can dedicate itself to higher value-added tasks.

The dematerialization of pay stubs enables HR to automate the sending of pay stubs, and the employee receives a monthly notification to inform him that his pay stub is available. He can then consult it, as well as all his previous pay stubs. This means that the HR department no longer has to print pay stubs, avoids incessant demands and saves time.

HR software: PeopleSpheres’ HRIS

PeopleSpheres enables the dematerialization of pay stubs and offers employees a secure space in which they can find all their pay stubs from the past 5 years. PeopleSpheres therefore proposes a dematerialization solution in fitting with today’s society, and responds to current HR issues. Automatic pay stub distribution means no more printing or sending paper, makes this tedious task easier and saves you time.