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About Wonderbox

The company was created in 2004 by a couple, James and Bertile. The main business activity is creating gift boxes and selling activities on the web. The company now has 500 employees in 12 countries. In recent years, the company has experienced strong external growth through buyouts in various countries, including a recent acquisition in Canada.

Present in 12 countries
500 employees
Customer since 2014

Needs and Evaluation of Wonderbox

Before switching to PeopleSpheres, the Wonderbox company managed its administrative tasks manually by paper, especially when it came to leaves & absences and payslip distribution, which was very time-consuming for all parties; both human resources and employees. Talent management was also managed manually in an Excel spreadsheet, which made it extremely complicated to collect training needs and monitor the campaign for all employees.



  • Traditional way of doing administrative tasks
  • Many time-consuming tasks
  • Use of Excel files
  • Difficulty in managing training needs


  • Harmonization of HR processes
  • Global visualization of the employee profile
  • Simplification of daily HR tasks
  • Optimized user experience

“We went from a traditional organization to a much more process-oriented organization and we were able to, thanks to PeopleSpheres, globalize our HR processes.”

In this video, discover how Wonderbox succeeded in solving their challenge of modernizing and transforming the role of HR in their organization.

Actionable and Measurable Results

⚡ Centralization of all HR processes

⚡ Ability to truly monitor performance management evaluations

⚡ Simplification of administrative tasks

⚡ Automation of leave management and payslip distribution

⚡ Global visibility of each employee on career development, training and total compensation elements throughout their career at Wonderbox

Aurélia Bourdoncle HR Operations Assistant

“You have to subscribe to PeopleSpheres because it’s a powerful, practical tool which will support your company’s growth thanks to its various modules. Plus, you’ll be supported by a really powerful team in the implementation.”

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