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About La Poste Mobile

La Poste Mobile is a telecom operator. Since their creation in 2011, they now are the fifth largest on the French market. To date, they have 410 employees, including 200 who are directly in contact with their customers within postal offices. La Poste Mobile sells internet and phone subscriptions at very competitive prices for the consumer. They benefit from 2 great shareholders : the SFR group, on which they lean in terms of technology and also their major shareholder which is La Poste Group.

410 employees
Top 5 in the industry
La Poste Group
Customer since 2016

Needs and Evaluation of La Poste Mobile



  • Managing paper-based administrative tasks
  • Many time-consuming tasks
  • Non-digitlized employee files
  • Lack of digitalization within the HR department


  • Better monitoring of each employee’s career development
  • Simplification of HR processes
  • HR management within a single platform
  • Implementation of performance evaluation tools

“We were looking for a solution that was easy for administrators and users to learn: very visual, simple, intuitive.”

In this video, discover how La Poste Mobile succeeded in meeting the challenge of modernizing and transforming their career development practices.

Actionable and Measurable Results

⚡ Improved tracking of HR processes

⚡ Implementation of a skills assessment tool

⚡ Tool with a simple and intuitive interface

⚡ Complete and global solution

⚡ Become more innovative and more efficient in terms of HR management

Marion Cazalaà for PeopleSpheres
Marion Cazalaà Recruitment and HR Development Manager

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